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Welcome to our new season of documentaries and movies.  Our latest film project is an investigation into the assassination of  JOHN LENNON.

We are also making a new film called WOW! THE MOVIE with a large international team of cutting-edge cinematographers and FPV enthusiasts.

We launched the enigma channel at the Royal Television Society in 1999.  We have now developed new Virtual Blu-Ray, Virtual Cinema and Wormcode technologies which enable us to provide premium quality, full-screen video.

We are producing new Docuentaries about Space Research, Extraterrestrial Archaeology, Astrophysics, Cymatics, Solar Power, Egyptology and Genetics.  We’re rolling out new TV Channels and new Movies.  Sign-up to become a member of this amazing revolution in global broadcasting.

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Our New Season

Michael Moore • Leonardo DiCaprio • Ed Snowden • Bradley Manning • Julian Assange • John Pilger • Sir Patrick Moore RIP • James Cameron • and more...

British film director CHRIS EVERARD investigates the assassination of JOHN LENNON in a new movie production which will be premiered on our network

the enigma channel

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