We began script development way back in 2011. We thank everyone who has Pre-Ordered our film on DVD.  Your support has enabled us to continue production & film in many  countries.

This documentary film is NOT suitable for people aged 18 & under.

If your mum finds you looking at this film, she will throttle you!


By pre-ordering your film, you enable us to have a budget to finish this amazing film project.  We thank each and every person worldwide who has been pre-ordering SPIRITWORLD III and been patient while we fly around the world researching subjects which the Mainstream Media rarely cover.

We have added new footage and also taken delivery of new camera systems.  SPIRITWORLD III is being put into post-production and we appreciate everyone’s support & help in helping us to finance the editing, animation and dubbing stage of production.

Please help to fund the completion of this film.  By pre-ordering your DVD you are helping to fund a film which would probably never usually be financed by a conventional movie studio.  As soon as we have completed the post-production process, we shall be shipping your DVD.

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I am so grateful for both the overwhelming contributions and the amazing participation of everyone in helping to make this new SPIRITWORLD movie.  Your wonderful enthusiasm allows us to make this documentary for global cinema release.  Thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered DVDs and thank you to people in many countries who have welcomed our film crews and assisted us filming.  For those of you who have contributed towards the financing of the project so far, we have a large selection of rewards and gifts available for anyone who makes a donation to help get SPIRITWORLD III completed.

THE CHALLENGE: As with any movie project, there are risks and technical challenges which arise during the production. Two of our biggest challenges are post-production of this film and staying within our financial budget - even though we have invested in new aerial cameras and helicopter systems.

This is a very ambitious project, which reveals information not yet seen by the general public. No question about it - there are certain people who want to obstruct our film project because of the contents of our film. In addition, given the investigative nature of SPIRITWORLD III, we know that during the final stages of making this film we may come across new facts & information that will require additional research. It’s a challenge to complete SPIRITWORLD III in the projected timescale. This is a challenge I have accepted many times in my file as a film director & producer -  I have already completed 16 full-length made-for-cinema documentary films in the past - and with your support and patience, we’ll make many more.

The timescale we have set for the delivery of rewards and DVDs is a rough estimate and we will do all we can to deliver a fantastic film within the  indicated Release Date.  Thank you all for your support, and for pre-ordering this new movie and thank you to everyone for being patient while we finalise this film.

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This is a two hour made-for-cinema documentary which investigates and shows, for the first time on film, ceremonies, rituals and exorcisms.  We go inside temples & lodges whilst ceremonies take place.  The camera is placed right in the heart of the magic circle.


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This film will NOT be on YouTube: It is Unsuitable for Young viewers.

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