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JOHN LENNON invested his own money in a global campaign for ‘PEACE’. He kicked off a global PEACE MOVEMENT which has grown and morphed into today’s TRUTH MOVEMENT.  Many people have ‘Awoken’ to the fact that many members of Congress, members of the Senate and Houses of Parliament own SHARES in companies which manufacture Weapons of Mass Destruction.  The reason that the world is often thrown into WAR is because every time war is declared, or a drone bombing mission is announced, the value of these shares increase.  JOHN LENNON inspired today’s Truth Movement with a campaign for Peace. He was assassinated after being the target of a spying campaign.  Because the killer admitted his crime and was aprehended at the scene, no official investigation took place...  Until now.  This film presents new evidence and examines the motives of senior White House, FBI & CIA officials who admit in FOIA documents that they wanted JOHN LENNON shunted out of the USA, and some of these people wished he was DEAD.  Help us to finance this awesome movie about his life, expose who really assisted the killer, and give us a donation towards the production and marketing so that the message of JOHN LENNON lives on and we expose the WAR MACHINE and the glove-puppet politicians who perpetuate this terrible situation just so they can earn illicit riches.

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British Film Director

Please join our team of Backers and become an honorary Executive Producer and get an on-screen credit...  JOHN LENNON & THE TRUTH MOVEMENT needs backers, and if you have LANGUAGE SKILLS which will help us subtitle and dub our documentary film, then please get in touch.  Our team of ANGEL INVESTORS and backers will not only get a DIY DVD Digital Download of our film, but will also help us get John Lennon’s message of PEACE out into the world via NetFlix, iTunes and other portals. 

For corporate backers and people who would like to get tax breaks from their donations, I am issuing free shares in the enigma channel digital TV network to all investors who donate $1,000 or more.  The mainstream media have had years to fund a proper investigation.  They never lifted a finger.  Now it’s up to us to use the POWER OF THE PEOPLE to bring to light the true circumstances surrounding the surveillance program & complicity of the authorities in the killing of a Great Man.

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This film is not just about the killing of the world’s most famous man.  It’s about the killing of an IDEA, a MOVEMENT.  The killing of a SYMBOL which represented PEACE. 

We need a little help from our friends!  Your donations will be spent on principle photography, post-production, editing & distributing this film.


Produced & Directed by CHRIS EVERARD

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Please help British Film Director & Author CHRIS EVERARD make a Documentary which investigates the assassination of JOHN LENNON



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