There are zillions of video clips on the Web, right?  Some are Good.  But many millions of video clips are bad.  Real bad.

And, let’s face it, Many people report that Video Playback on video sharing websites often just does not work...

So, what about Downloading?  Well, most Torrents Sites for Movies are now dangerously infested with computer VIRUSES.  It takes a LONG TIME to download HD...  But now, you no longer have to trawl through the dross of YouTube, nor wait 2 hours for a movie file to download...

That’s right - at last you’ll be able to watch full screen, virtual HD documentaries, movies and TV Shows with ZERO annoying pop-up adverts...

the enigma channel

“ the first online TV network, which began broadcasting in 1999”

...So, the enigma channel searches the web 24/7 searching out the best documentaries, movies, art films, conference reports, Music and TV Shows...

But they are not just any kind of TV show - they represent the best of the best in 7 languages...

We assemble the best quality TV shows and movies & embed them into enigma channel TV programs.  Our TV shows are really ‘streams’ of H264 video.  These streams are optimised for Mac, PC, Android & iPhone.

We not only filter out the bad quality TV shows & films, but our HD playback system is far superior to standard video sharing websites.

With our system, 10 minutes of HD video buffers in less than 60seconds. And we automatically subtitle every TV show in 7 languages...

What About Fresh, New Films & TV Shows?

Are you an independent film maker?  Good.  Unlike old fashioned TV Networks who block young film makers, we support your work and even fund your filming projects. Send us your ideas for new films & TV shows.  We support the work of animators, and experimental film artists.  Amazingly, the enigma channel is the only international TV channel broadcasting daily experimental animated films!    

How Big is Our Audience?

Since 1999, 10.5million people have watched the enigma channel & paid subscriptions.  Just this single page alone has had nearly half a million visits since 2010.  If you have a great idea for a documentary, then please contact us.  You can sell your films direct to our audience as a Direct Download file.

If you’re into documentaries, art films, music, movies & animation then the enigma channel is the perfect TV network for you... No more waiting for downloads, no more stuttering on playback, no more bad quality clips.

We only show premium, long-form, high quality TV commercials which match the subject matter of the TV show you’re watching.  We NEVER interrupt a movie with TV commercials. We never send ads to your SmartPhone.

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